Mumbai, May 14 (IANS) Actor Rohit Roy doesn''t seem too impressed with the "cooking, cleaning, hair styling videos" posted by other actors during the ongoing lockdown. "The amount of cooking, cleaning, baking, training, hair styling, even poetry n singing n other blah n blah videos our actors are putting out daily, I fear they will forget how to act ... Not that we had a treasure trove of talent to begin with," Rohit tweeted on Thursday. Meanwhile, he has been using social media to post that he misses riding a bike or to share throwback photos. He even suggests what…



Here's a little something I wanted to share about this 'event' which has left Indians and esp mumbaikars gasping for breath.. the 23 year old who has held everyone's imagination captive n been the topic of discussion in evry household ever since his 'purpose' tour was announced!! Last nite was the most amazing nite of my life coz my 14 year old and all her friends who I carted from their school Dhirubhai ambani international came out with beaming faces and said TONITE WAS THE BEST NITE OF OUR LIVES...!! That brings me to the couple points I want to…