The most defining moment of my childhood was the passing away of my father. I was a child and I had to grow up overnight. My father was my hero and after him I grew closer to my mother then ever before and realized how strong she was. She brought up her 2 children single-handedly. I am what I am in a large part because of her. My dad was a friend and Confidante

Career Crossroads
The defining moment was when my visa to the USA got rejected and instead of going to Michigan to study business I ended up joining showbiz. At that time I was very disappointed but today when I look back it was the best thing to happen to me. Had my visa not got rejected I would have been a nameless face somewhere in the US. So the lesson to be learnt is that every rejection is not necessarily bad for you!!!!

Most Memorable Role
It’s too early to talk about a memorable role already but in my short career thus far, it’s definitely a toss up between my debut Swabhimaan and the recently concluded political drama Sarrkkar. I played an angry young boy in the first and graduated to playing angry young man in the next!!! Being such a huge fan of the Big B, it was like a dream to be cast in such power packed roles and I must say both were creatively exhausting and satisfying for the actor in me. Swabhimaan made me an overnight star and Sarrkkar earned me the tag of an ‘actor’.

Pinnacle of Achievement
It would definitely be the three awards I won this year back to back— the Best Actor Award for Viraasat, the award for Best Dressed Actor on TV and finally the Society Magazine Young Achiever’s Award for 2007. I can’t say which one means more but they all are just the nudge I needed to work harder for future endeavors. I hope to achieve the same success now in cinema with the blessings of my mother.

Changing Horses
I don’t see my debut as a director shortly as changing lanes. It’s just an extension of me. My dream was always to be an actor/ director which is why I started my career as an assistant to Kunal Kapoor, a leading ad film director. It gives me more control in the creative process and that is the ultimate for any artist. If I have given a 100% to acting I will give 200% to direction.

I have never thought about of planned my future. I take one day at a time and never worry about what will be, because whatever will be, will be!! I live in the present and am totally happy in this space. But ten years down the line I do see my self as an actor director of some repute who would have made some good films that my family and friends will be proud of.

Personal High
The day my daughter Kiara was born. My wife and I strongly believe that something happened that day and it led to my becoming an actor of substance. I feel it’s just that I don’t want anyone to tell my daughter that her daddy is a bad actor. I guess that’s when I started taking the craft of acting seriously. Before that I was happy being a star.