Renowned Indian television actor Rohit Roy and actress wife Mansi, unveiled an exclusive range of Platinum Love Bands – Endless Love range by Ishwarlal Harjivandas Jewellers. The celebrity couple exchanged a beautiful pair of Platinum Love Bands and revisited their most cherished and romantic Platinum day of Love moments.

Platinum Love Bands are reflective of the expression of divine love to that special someone. The design concept for the jewellery collection is based on the Luxury Archaeology design theme provided by the WGSN research; a new design direction that uses ancient materials and amalgamates it with modern themes. The new Platinum Love Bands – Endless Love range captures a way of expressing eternal love and includes pieces of minimal expressions in the form of Love Bands.

Speaking on the launch Rohit Roy said, ‘Platinum love bands truly encapsulate the beautiful emotion o ​​ f everlasting love. The treasured memories we have shared can only be expressed with such a noble and precious metal as platinum. Our relationship as a couple has grown stronger over the year and there are those little things that we do for each other in our everyday life that adds up to larger picture. This classy pair of Platinum Love Bands by Ishwarlal Harjivandas is the perfect symbol of the bond we share. It’s a gentle reminder of ‘us’ that we were then, now and will be for many more years to come.”

Mansi Roy added, “In our relationship we have shared many beautiful moments over the 18 years. The day our daughter Kiara was born was one of the happiest day of our lives and it strengthened our bond of love. And today as we exchange platinum love bands, we once again reaffirm the strength and stability of our relationship. These Platinum Love Bands are not only a piece of jewellery, but also a beautiful reflection of the eternal promise made to me by my husband till death do us part.”

Mr. Kalpanik Choksi, Director, Ishwarlal Harjivandas said, “With the launch of the new Platinum Love Bands Collection, we offer couples beautiful symbols of true love to celebrate their special moments. Young and modern couples of today’s generation are choosing platinum over other metals as they are now better informed about its inherent qualities of being pure, rare and eternal and having high emotional appeal.”

Mr. Rahil Muhimtule, Trade Manager, Platinum Guild International added, “Platinum is growing in its appeal across the country and the Gujarat market is one of the largest markets for this precious metal. Platinum is symbolic of eternal love as being unchanging and everlasting it lends itself to this feature. The new design themes of the Platinum Love Bands range infuse the endearing emotion of endless love through three design concepts, ‘Infinity Symbols’, ‘Endless Love Knots’ and ‘Duo Bands’.”

Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and a treasure from the heavens. The first meteorite that showered on earth two billion years ago is the way platinum entered our world. Since time immemorial, this naturally white metal with its moonlike luminescence has symbolised love. It touches its wearer – and not only her skin, evoking emotions of feeling special and in love. That’s what makes this metal just so perfect to celebrate your Platinum Day of Love.