Rohit Roy talks about the new show “Khooni Saaya” on Investigation Discovery and his other projects
Sit on the edge of the seat, hold your breath and watch Murder In The Night, the story of a gruesome triple murder in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania unfolding on Investigation Discovery (ID) tonight. With few clues at the crime scene, the search leads detectives far and wide leaving them wondering. The climax revealing the killer’s name will come as a complete surprise not only for the cops but for the viewers too. This is first episode of the ID’s new series Khooni Saaya (KS) launched to reinforce its position as Discovery Networks’ Hindi investigation channel presenting true crime stories giving a glimpse into the unlawful mind. Well this goes throughout the six days of the week.
Besides the intriguing stories KS is bound to strike a chord with the audience as it is being hosted by noted film and TV actor Rohit Roy. Exuding happiness he comments: “I always wanted to present this type of show having watched several programmes in this genre. Also I was always keen to work with Discovery channel so when I was offered KS it was a double delight.” What makes it even better for him is the fact that his role is not restricted to mere hosting. “In this one-hour story based on real life incidents besides playing the sutradhar and presenter, I caution people of the dangers as the show depicts that most of the culprits are close to the victim(s). The thrust is to be careful.”
Rohit has had a wide experience in hosting different types of programmes based on games, chat, dance, singing among others. So what is his take on an ideal host? “Foremost is attitude, talent and command on the language. Equally important is dignity and approachability to be able to make a connect with the audience. They must feel that you are one of them. Amitabh Bachchan exemplifies these qualities.”
Agreeing that the main priority of the show is entertainment through thrills, the actor emphasises that there is a deeper meaning which is intended to be conveyed to the audience. “That is where I am involved as I caution and tell the viewers not to trust, to keep their eyes and ears open even if they do and never be casual about one’s surroundings and people. It is entertainment coupled with responsibility.” But doesn’t many a time reel life follow the real life? Well according to Rohit it is not the case with KS as it highlights that crime does not pay and is always punished with law catching up with culprits even after 20 years. “I feel a criminal will always feel guilty and continue to look over his shoulder to see if law is catching up,” says Rohit.
While on this aspect how should one perceive his support for Salman Khan? “It is my personal view. I am not saying that he did not commit the accident but the kind of things people have said against him are all lies. They do not take into account all the humanitarian work he has done and is doing. I am happy that he got the bail.”
With almost all GECs airing one show or the other based on wrongdoing how will KS carve a place for itself? “It will break the clutter of serials been shown now since the stories are pan world, told well through excellent reconstruction, interviews with investigators, prosecutors, family members and neighbours. Each episode is racy and promises to keep the audience hooked.”
Rohit is currently busy in projects like, Calender Girl a film by Madhur Bhandarkar, hosting KS and a play “Unfaithfully Yours”. He finds the basic tenet is the same in all these media though each has specific demands. Cinema requires a larger-than-life portrayal, TV is more real while theatre is all about projecting oneself to the last viewer to enable him to see and hear you. Having ably wielded the baton for the short film Rice Plate starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi, part of omnibus Dus Kahaniyaan, his next film – a women-centric subject – will be ready by the end of the year.
(The Monday to Saturday series goes on air today, 8 p.m.)
Source: The Hindu