Rohit Roy will soon be seen in a web series Memories that is directed by Vikram Bhatt. The actor plays Siddharth Sarin, a news channel head, who has a near fatal accident and doctor pronounces him dead. However, he comes back alive in what is called as a Lazarus syndrome. Added to that he gains the ability of feeling the pulse of a dead body, reliving their memories and thus helping cops solve crimes! “It’s a fantastic dream role for any actor. It is my best work till date,” enthuses Rohit. Ask him how it was shooting for a web series and he says it was taxing. “I shot for the series for 40 days and it was very taxing, especially because I am in every frame,” he says.

Incidentally, Rohit has also done a Bengali web series where he plays a superstar from Kolkata with a hidden past. In fact, the actor, last seen in Kaabil, is open to doing more web series. “I think digital is bigger than TV and films.

Yes, we are still in the nascent stages and finding our feet. But it will grow, the best part about being on the digital platform is you can be seen in any part of the world any time. Like I recently binge-watched on Mindhunter,” he elaborates.

Sometime ago, Rohit was in the news for walking out of the historical show Porus, after announcing it. He clarifies that he had a talk with the producer Siddharth Tewary and it was a mutual decision. “I didn’t walk out of the show, I had a conversation with Siddharth and told him I will opt out if they can find a replacement,” he explains. But what prompted him to change his mind after he announced it on his social media page? “I was excited about the serial as I have never done a historical show before, but then I realised that staying in Umargaon for 25 days and shooting for it is not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t have been able to do the web series and the film Paltan,” he explains.

Talking about Paltan, the actor says that shooting for it in Ladakh was like homecoming to him. “I shot for Paltan in the exact same place as LOC! The reason I did the film was the opportunity to do a war film, which an actor rarely gets in India.”

Tell him we’ve heard he will be returning to TV with a hospital drama and all he says is, “I am in talks for a TV show and you will know soon.”