Rohit Roy, who has been part of the television industry for a number of years now, says stardom on television cannot make a show successful.
He feels that this is the prime difference when it comes to film and TV industries.
“Film is a larger than life medium where a hero or a heroine runs a movie. In TV, very few people can drive a show. Otherwise, it is the show that drives you. I am not bigger than any show either. So yes, if you put me into the show, it will draw viewers, but I cannot drive it,” Rohit told IANS in an interview.
The actor has been a part of shows like “Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein”, “Kkusum”, “Bhabhi”, “Swabhimaan” and “Milan”, among others.
He feels that over the years the definition of stardom has changed in TV business.
“When we started doing TV, there were not so many channels, so if you wanted to see Rohit Roy, you had to watch ‘Swabhimaan’. This is why we have such an endearing stardom.
“The new guys are stars in their own way. The only difference is that probably the sustenance is not much. That is because of so many channels. TV is able to throw up more stars,” he said.
One shouldn’t take star status too seriously, he feels.
“I see a lot of great talent. I think stardom comes with it, but it is important not to take it seriously. Then only you enjoy it.”
Stardom belongs to the show, he said and added: “We must take it with a pinch of salt and move on to the next project. TV is about actors, not about stars. If your show works, you are a star, if it doesn’t, then you are not.”
The actor has been away from the small screen for quite some time.
Asked why, he said: “People think I am not doing TV, but there is a dearth of something that I can play… There is a paucity of actors who don’t fall in any category.”
“The medium has grown but the quality hasn’t grown. Now all the content follows each other. If you do one village show, everyone will do it. I think we need variation in programming,” he said.
Source: Business – Standard