After Amitabh Bachchan, I am the best host on television,” says actor Rohit Roy.
The actor who created sensation in the television industry with his debut in Swabhimaan, Rohit Roy has made a comeback in television after a year as a host in the crime series Khooni Saaya.
The actor known for various roles in television and Bollywood created panache all over again by trying a totally different genre.
“I always say that there is nothing I haven’t done in 20 year long career. But hosting a crime series is something really challenging for me. This is the first time I am hosting such genre,” Rohit told The Pioneer.
While talking more about his career in acting, he says that he finds acting more challenging than hosting. “While I host any show I am me. I don’t have to blend myself with any other character. Though sometimes, hosting creates difficulty when you have to control your personal opinions. Otherwise acting becomes more challenging than being a host,” he added.
Elaborating further, Rohit said, “Acting is more challenging than hosting of course. Mallika Sherawat ki shaadi karane me kya challenging ho sakta hai?”
While talking about Khooni Saaya, Rohit said, “These blood-chilling stories of crime impressed me a lot and this made me do this show. Till now audience have seen me as fun loving guy but here they will see my serious and a responsible side. I am playing a host who is a guy next door but a responsible citizen creating awareness among people. I am an addict to such shows and this is another reason I am hosting this genre. It’s a total fun for me.”
Rohit has not only created niche for himself as a host but he disclosed his love for theatres as well. He said, “If there was good earning in theatres , I would not have come to Bollywood or television. I would have only done theatres.”
“Soon I will come to Bhopal again with a theatre production ‘Unfaithfully Yours’ along with Mona Singh,” he added.