The talented leads Rohit Roy and Priyal Gor have been highly appreciated for their exemplary acting skills in Viu’s popular web series Memories. The gripping and engaging concept is keeping the spectators hooked to the storyline.

On getting a lot of accolades for his role of Siddharth Sareen, we got in touch with Rohit Roy to know about his experience in portraying the character, and he quipped, “Memories is my first web series and I am practically in every frame. Hence the shooting was quite exhaustive but at the same time fun as well. I am usually an instinctive actor and don’t prep for a role.”

“But for Memories, I had to give the nuances a clear thought and I am so glad people have noticed them. I wish I had a super power like Siddharth, who can get into the memories of dead people; it would help family and friends get some kind of closure when they lose a close one” exclaimed the actor.

To catch the phenomenal performance of Rohit Roy as Siddharth Sareen, stay tuned to Memories only on Viu.