Viu’s popular crime thriller series Memories’ has been the talk of the town lately for its entrancing concept. The beguiling storyline of the show has been keeping the viewers glued to their screen, leaving them thoroughly entertained.

Well as much as the show has been accepted and loved, the ace actor Rohit Roy and the talented Priyal Gor have been highly appreciated for their respective roles. When we got in touch with Rohit to know on how it was working with his co-actress Priyal on the show, he quipped, “It takes a while to break ice with a co-actor, but with Priyal Gor it was magic. I knew after the very first take that this was going to be special.”

“The magic reflects on the screen as well. And I am sure that the viewers will enjoy our on-screen love-story!” exclaimed the actor.

To watch the phenomenal performance and on-screen chemistry between Rohit Roy and Priyal Gor, stay tuned to Memories only on Viu.