Rohit Bose Roy shares snippets of his marriage journey with wife Manasi Joshi Roy. Read the story for more details.

In today’s time and age, love is often overpowered by tons of other conditions that play a spoilsport in the relationship. That’s the reason, the average tenure of relationships over the years has gone considerably down. But if there’s one couple out there on Indian TV who have made it look like love is constant and nothing and absolutely nothing can overpower it, it’s the beloved celebrity couple of Rohit Bose Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy. Both of them are coming together with their first short film together called ‘Pal’ and their gesture of dedicating it to the late Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan is absolutely adorable.

When we at IWMBuzz asked Rohit what keeps them together which we all love, Rohit said and we quote,

” We have been together for 27 years now. Our parents and family already knew about each other and hence it was a difficult thing. Manasi is the first girl I spoke to and went out with. I was a little shy to talk to girls in general. There was an instant connection and today we are married. I was a struggling model in those days whereas she was pretty established in life. But she never let that come in between us and I have immense respect for my lady love.”

Well, isn’t that cute guys?