Rohit Roy plays a news channel head in web series Memories. In the show, the actor has the power to enter minds of the dead, to see their last memory.

“There are all kinds of thrillers but nothing so far has been made with such a different concept,” shared Rohit Roy while talking about his web series Memories. Helmed by Vikram Bhatt, the show also stars Priyal Gor. Rohit plays a news channel head who has the power to enter minds of the dead, to see their last memory.

“I agreed to do the show on the first narration. For the last 20 years, I have been haunting Vikram to work with me. And when he shared the premise, I knew it was something that you want to give your heart and soul to,” said Rohit in an exclusive chat

Talking about his preparations for Memories, the Kaabil actor shared, “This is the first time that I actually did homework. Being a spontaneous actor, I don’t believe in prepping up too much. But with this role, I wanted to work on the dimensions of the two personalities. He is a shrewd channel head but when he enters dead people’s minds, he can’t be the same. I wanted to keep him soft and apprehensive, without too many emotions. And keeping them strikingly different actually worked for the character.”

“Ashutosh Rana, who is a very dear friend, called me up after watching the show. He told me that this was a very different role but I really managed to play it convincingly. Coming from him, it was really a big honour,” added Rohit with a smile.

Starting with television, Rohit moved to films, theatre and now web series. When asked about the challenges in all the mediums, the 49-year-old actor shared, “All of them are really different from each other. In films, you need to build a larger than life character and then play it convincingly also. Television is all about convincing yourself, as you shoot it at a very different pace. Performing on stage is a herculean task as it has to be done in just one take. As for the web, it’s a new world altogether. People are still experimenting and I feel the content is really getting better.”

Rohit’s first project Swabhimaan was much loved and appreciated. It still is one of the best television shows ever made. Talking about the same, the actor said, “I am amazed that we could churn out such a good show at that time. And now with technology, good actors and all other facilities available, none of the shows manage to get close to its mark. It’s interesting to know that people have started watching Swabhimaan on YouTube, and it’s one of the most watched videos.”

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The actor further shared with us that he believes in quality work rather than taking too many projects. “The other day my daughter asked my wife why does daddy take so less work. But I am not here for business. I’d rather open a cafe if I have to do it for money. Acting is an art and I don’t want to compromise on it. There’s a lack of substantial roles and that keeps me away. I would jump to sign up good roles any day,” Rohit said.

Along with acting, Rohit also forayed into direction with Dus Kahaniyaan. Adding that direction is his real love, he said, “I would love to direct more in the coming days. We are also working on a script for a web series. As for acting, I am busy with my play and my film Paltan is all set to release in September. So, I am looking forward to that.”

Memories streams every Friday on Viu.