Rohit Roy talks about his latest Bengali film, Mrs Sen
Rohit Roy is in Kolkata for the promotions of Agnidev Chatterjee’s Mrs Sen. In an interview with CT, he talked about kissing on screen for the first time, his comfort level with co-actor Rituparna Sengupta and how he regrets not working with Rituparno Ghosh.
What is your role in Mrs Sen?
I play this quintessential bhodrolok, who is a nice and happy Bengali man. I had to put on 10 kilos for the role as Agnida (Agnidev) wanted a particular look. I had to completely deglamourize myself.
How comfortable were you doing the steamy love sequences with the two leading ladies?
With Rituparna, I have such a superb on-screen chemistry that all the steamy scenes came naturally. I hope her husband Sanjay doesn’t kill me for that! In fact, it’s Ritu who makes me feel comfortable during such scenes. With Hrishitaa, I had much bolder scenes and doing them were also difficult since we were acting together for the first time. But it’s to her credit that she made the scenes look convincing. In fact, this is the first time I kissed on screen. I was afraid because many a time, such scenes are not shot aesthetically. But in this movie, the scenes came out very well.
Was your wife comfortable seeing you get intimate with the heroines?
No wife will be comfortable seeing her husband get intimate — be it on or off the screen. I am sure Mansi is mature enough to understand the demands of an actor because she is also in the same profession.
You expressed your condolences on a social networking site the day filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh passed away.
I have known Rituda for close to a decade. My biggest regret ever is that I refused to work with him in Arekti Premer Golpo. At that point in time, I didn’t have the maturity as an actor to drive the character, which was later played by Indraneil Sengupta. I again came very close to working with him in Khela, but the dates didn’t match.
You knew Jiah Khan…
I knew her since she was 14. We first met at a party at Anju Mahendroo’s place and always knew her as Nafisa. I woke up and saw the messages (about her suicide) and thought it was a hoax. She was always so full of life. But the peer pressure is so much in the industry that it sometimes becomes tough to manage.
Mrs Sen, produced by PB Films Ltd, releases on June 7.