Play revolves around the life of a teenage girl (Ovee), who is sent to an orphanage. During her stay, she starts experiencing paranormal activities and the story is her struggle to survive and overcome her fears

Horror as a genre was comparatively less exposed in theatre, and that became the reason for Felicity Theatre’s new production ‘OVEE,’ directed by Aniket Patil.

“It will be the first of its kind in the history of Hindi theatre. The audience will witness live horror with the help of exceptional special effects,” Aniket reveals.

The play revolves around the life of a teenage girl (Ovee), who loses her parents at an early age and is sent to an orphanage by her paternal uncle. During her stay, she starts experiencing paranormal activities and this story is her struggle to survive and overcome her fears. “As it is around the character, we named it OVEE,” Aniket adds.

But as it is the first time a horror play has been made, were there any inhibitions or pressure on the makers?

“There was no pressure, rather there was a lot of excitement as the team is very vibrant and bonds well together.”

As a horror play, OVEE has tasted success in Marathi and Gujarati, with more than 150 shows till date. And since it is now being adapted as a Hindi play, the director feels that there was more freedom to experiment.

It is a horror play, and choosing the cast must have been a big task. Talking about the same, the director says that both the key roles demanded a very matured cast who had prior experience and a proven track record in the industry.

“When I decided to do the play in Hindi, I started doing my research primarily on the casting as it plays the most crucial role. During my research the first name that I could think of was of Rohit Roy and Sayantani Ghosh as both of them are well-known faces with a great experience in the industry.”

The role of the orphan girl demanded an innocent-looking fresh face with immense talent and that’s how the makers roped in Diksha Aghnihotri to play the role.

The entire team which includes the lead and supporting cast are extremely talented and capable in playing their roles perfectly.

Along with Ovee, this story also revolves around Sadhana (Sayantani Ghosh) who is the Manageress of the orphanage, as well as her college friend Nikhil (Rohit Roy) to whom she turns for help as he is a practicing psychiatrist.

Rohit plays three different characters in the play – a wily uncle, a police officer, and a psychiatrist. All three keep coming close on the heels of each other and that is what becomes challenging for him as an actor on stage.

“My attempt is to give all three totally different shades so that the audience enjoy each one of them differently,” shares the actor who loved the script and came on board.

The actor feels that apart from the three characters that he is playing, the pressure was to match other actors’ energy on the stage.

“I can guarantee that the audience will love each and every character; and because this is a first of its kind Hindi horror play, the expectations are also double,” he mentions.

Being the first live Hindi horror play that breaks existing benchmarks, OVEE with its mind-boggling hi-tech special effects, amazing lighting and a specially composed sound-track will heighten the viewing experience of the audience on September 7 and 8, at Kamani Auditorium