Actor Rohit Roy says relationships are difficult to build and even tougher to maintain.

“Infidelity is a very tricky situation for anyone to find oneself in… although nothing can excuse cheating on one’s partner, sometimes the current relationship itself is the reason for people to stray… Strain in the relationship, opportunities, and sometimes mere boredom can lead to infidelity,” Rohit said in a statement to IANS.

He added: “Honestly, I don’t have a moral standpoint on it. My personal take has changed over the years on how to handle the issue if ever, God forbid, I was faced with it… in my 20s I’d probably kill my partner… in my 30s I would have probably gone mental and wouldn’t have known what to do because the relationship would have been a decade old and it wouldn’t be easy to kill her.

“And now in my 40s I know that I’d sit her down and ask her why it happened… take stock of our relationship… speak to her like a friend rather than from the opposite side of the net… and if it seemed workable, I would forgive her totally and give things another shot. Relationships are difficult to build and even tougher to maintain.”

Rohit expressed his views on infidelity after shooting a scene where his girlfriend cheats on him in VIU’s web series “Memories”.

Talking about the sequence, he said: “There was this sequence where I find out that my girlfriend is cheating on me with another guy… This sequence gave me the real shivers because this is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.”