Calcutta Times unveils the first look of the actors in Agnidev’s new film Mrs Sen
Agnidev Chatterjee is happy with the results of first-day shoots of Mrs Sen, starring Rituparna Sengupta and Rohit Roy. “This is my third film with Ritu and let me tell you, she is a director’s delight. She plays Anuradha, Somnath’s (Rohit) wife, who rushes to meet her husband in Thailand after hearing that he has met with an accident. There she gets a shock of her life as she finds out about her husband’s extra-marital affair with Sohini (Hrishitaa). The major part of the film will be shot in Thailand from December 2,” informed the director. The first day of the shoots saw Agnidev canning a few flashback scenes with Rohit and Ritu where they are shown as a lovey-dovey couple. “Both the actors were so good at their first shot that it was one take okay,” Agnidev added. How was it working with Rohit for the first time, we ask the director? “Rohit is an obedient and easy actor to work with. This is Rohit’s third film with Ritu after Bhorer Alo and Mittal vs Mittal. Their on-screen chemistry is brilliant, which was required for this intimate scene,” said the director. Rohit is happy to be back in Kolkata to shoot his third Bengali film. “I love to be part of Bengali films. It was wonderful to share the screen space with Ritu after such a long time. In fact she is the one who always makes me feel comfortable before the final takes,” smiled Rohit gorging on misti doi during lunch. “I have told Agni that I will not shoot if there is no misti doi for lunch. I had mochar ghonto, alu phool kopir dalna and roti for lunch. It was awesome,” Rohit said before signing off.