One look at the Roy brothers, Ronit and Rohit, and this is what comes to mind.

Ronit, older of the two, is the reserved, suave guy, and Rohit is the flamboyant dude. But do you know it’s the other way round! At least, when they were younger that was the case.
“As a kid, I was this shy boy wearing thick glasses, someone who preferred to stay at home and read, while Ronit was the more flamboyant and outgoing kind,” reveals Rohit. But why do people have a different impression of the two? “I guess people have a different perception of Ronit because he’s played characters like Mihir Virani and Mr Bajaj on TV. So those who don’t know him think he’s more the restrained kind. Actually, Ronit is a mad hatter! He’s great fun. I used to be an introvert, but I have opened up a lot now,” he explains.

The one thing common between the two is the strong bond they share, always wishing the best for the other. But, now the two are going to clash! Both are participating in an upcoming reality dance show called Yeh Hai Jalwa. The last time they came together in a dance show was in Jhalak Dikhlla Jaa, where Rohit was an anchor and Ronit, a participant.

But this time it’s competition at home. Ask Ronit about this and he says, “I don’t look at it like a competition. I just believe one should put in his best, and keep raising the bar for yourself. About Rohit, he’s a flamboyant and energetic dancer. He’s surely one of the top contenders.”

What if Rohit scores more than him? “I would love it if he wins,” says Ronit. “In any case, everything Rohit’s got is more than what I have. He has a bigger house, he makes more money than me, he’s a film actor, he charges more, he’s a bigger star,” laughs Ronit.

That’s the rapport the brothers share, they are like friends laughing and joking often, but they also have their fair share of arguments. “It’s a mixed bag. There are times when we fight and then make up. But the bottomline is that the emotions are very strong,” says bade bhaiyya.

“Ronit’s always been a father-figure,” says Rohit adding, “He was the bully who would beat me up when he thought I was wrong. He still does!”

On a serious note, the two have strong admiration for each other’s work. “Rohit’s a great actor and now he’s also turned director. In Dus Kahaaniyan everyone says Rice Plate, the story he directed, was the best.”

Rohit avers Ronit’s grown to be one of the finest actors in the country today. And not just that, even in the reality dance show he believes Ronit has no competition. “He’s the best undoubtedly,” he declares.