Releases are scheduled only for the second half of this year.

Yet, thanks to IPL and a TV game show, there’s no missing their fave star for Shah Rukh Khan fans. And they’re loving his juggling of roles. SRK himself had once said, “I do a lot of things on the spur of the moment. I like to try and take chances. That makes me what I am.”

He’s got what it takes to impress in every sphere, say star-watchers. “A good host must have charisma, spontaneity, intelligence, humour, the ability to connect with the audience and presence of mind. SRK has all this and more. He was the most natural choice. There are few people who are so multi-faceted,” says Anupama Mandloi, senior creative director of the channel that airs the SRK game show.

Actress Manasi Joshi Roy wants SRK to do everything that comes his way. “He’s a rockstar. I want him to take up all the projects that come his way so that I get to see him more often,” she says. About SRK’s new avatars, the actress says, “I was impressed to see him as a businessman and team manager of the Kolkata Knight Riders, and was bowled over when I saw him on the new game show.”

Says actress Sophie Chaudhary, “There can be no bigger motivating force than SRK as an IPL team manager. He rocks as a TV host. He’s very spontaneous, witty and I love the way he makes participants feel comfortable.”

Anchor-cum-actor Rohit Roy rates Shah Rukh’s TV appearance very high. “He can make a success of anything he dabbles in. As an IPL manager, he’s stylised his team like no one else has done. SRK presents himself very well as an anchor on TV. He makes the show smooth and his rapport with the participants is unmatched,” says Rohit. “You have to hand it to him for handling it so well in the midst of the IPL tension.”

Others prefer to follow SRK as a cricket entrepreneur. “He’s already made an impact on the small screen.

Now I prefer seeing him as an IPL team manager,” says actor Aashish Chaudhary. “SRK has more guts than talent and he has proved that an actor can do much more than just act. As an IPL team manager, he’s created a new business cult. Marketing is something that cricket has in abundance and films don’t, but with IPL, SRK has bridged that gap. He has so much foresight and business acumen that he’s now holding his own against the Mallyas and the Ambanis,” says Ashish.