Remember the talented actor who stole the show with his debut performance in the tele serial Swabhimaan? And after carving a niche for himself on the small screen he tried his luck in movies.

Now he is all set to dig his heels in Bollywood with his performance in the upcoming movies Don Muthuswamy and Mittal vs Mittal. KT gets you an exclusive interview with the man.
Not many know that Roy always wanted to become a successful businessman! “Cinema just happened to me by chance,” says Rohit as he adds, “I always wanted to become a successful businessman but destiny changed my life. Auditions were on for Jasbat (Roy’s first movie) when my friends actually compelled me to go for the same.

But I didn’t take the issue seriously and just went for the auditions to keep my word. And that very day when I was selected for the movie, life opened the gates of glamour, name, fame and money for me and this new world was too tempting for me to look back.”

From, acting to directing to producing and now host of a chat show… how did it all happen? Rohit says, “Talent alone doesn’t matter in this industry. Thankfully, I was smart and lucky enough to strike when the iron was hot. I searched for opportunities and didn’t waste much time. But I must say that in all these years I have grown as an actor.”

Talking about his current projects the actor turned director says, “Don Muthuswamy is a comedy in which I am playing the role of Don’s manager. And Mittal vs Mittal is a movies based on marital abuse which is normal in one’s life. It’s a reflection of what happens in an Indian house between a husband and a wife.”

In both the movies the actor will be rubbing shoulders with two veteran actors. “Yes, it was wonderful to work with actor like Mithun Da, as he is also a Bengali. He is very caring and down to earth. And everyone knows working with actor like Rituparna Sengupta was like a dream come true. She knows what to do next. Sometimes on the sets I used to feel like a little kid in front of her, as she knew everything,” says Rohit.

So can we say that Rohit Roy will never return to small screen? “No, never! Everything has a time, and I think I have given enough time to small screen. I am looking forward to sharpen and improve my directing skills. So, as of now, it’s a big ‘no’ to the small screen.”

When asked why Mansi (his wife) disappeared from the small screen, he said, “Mansi is a bit choosy about her roles. And Kkusum was her last serial. She is making her debut in Alibaug opposite me. Yes, it was my dream to work with my wife in a Bollywood film. And it has come true. The movie is being directed by my friend Sanjay Gupta. Sanjay Dutt and Gul Panag are also there in the film.”

Talking about his upcoming projects Rohit says, “Alibaug, directed by Sanjay Gupta, is a movie which will again show a new story. I will not say anything else about the movie. Right now I am concentrating on this film only.”Commenting on his relationship with his brother Ronit he says, “He is not only like my father but a mentor too. Till date he helps me take decisions whether they are big or small.”