With five videshi beauties in his dance team, Rohit is busy fighting off the pangs of jealousy he is generating

He’s quite popular with the girls. So when Rohit Roy was asked to lead a team of good looking girls from places as far off as Ukraine, Russia and Portugal, it was an assignment he couldn’t refuse. As one of the celebrity mentors on the new reality dance show Yeh Hai Jalwa (on 9X), he’s already getting jealous stares from the other men, including Varun Badola, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Sharad Malhotra and even brother Ronit. The other mentors on the show include Rakhi Sawant, Shweta Tiwari and Rosa Catalano.

“The boys seem more concerned about my team than even me. ‘Arre, where is Rohit’s team?’ they keep saying when the girls are not around. Varun has even requested me to switch his team with mine,” laughs Rohit who is contemplating getting elder brother Ronit to guard his van.

The five women in question are Naya, Anya, Pessa, Sarah and Marcia, among whom Rohit feels Naya and Anya are the best dancers. But jokes aside, Rohit says that getting a good performance out of the girls — most of whom are non-dancers — is really an unenviable task.

“These guys should come to the rehearsals one day and then they will get an idea about what I’m experiencing. It’s really a kaanton ka taj. The celeb factor doesn’t work with them in any case – they don’t know who we are. We have been breaking our heads getting them to learn the steps. They’ve never done Bollywood dance in their lives. In fact, I think I’d be glad to let Varun rehearse with them,” says Rohit.

So guess what plan he’s cooked up to keep the girls ‘motivated’? It’s actually a brilliant double-pronged strategy: “I plan to take each member of my team out on a date and get to know them better! And then we will all hang out together. And that’s not all. Every week the member who performs the best will get a date with me,” he laughs. That’ll be quite a treat— but for whom?