Siblings Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy, known for their closeness, will now be clashing on television. For, their shows — Ronit’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar and Rohit’s Peterson Hill — will be telecast on the same time slot. So, has this led to any bitterness between the brothers?
On the contrary, says Rohit, adding, “Call it destiny or accident, our shows are in direct competition with each other’s. But I believe that if you want to take on someone, then you must take on the best. And for me, no one is better than my brother.”
Rohit’s show premiered last Monday, and the entire family was at Ronit’s place, watching it on TV. He adds, “Ronit told me he will record his show and watch mine live. Even our mother has said the same.”
So, has Ronit given him any brotherly advice? Ronit says, “Rohit is a a fine actor, and he doesn’t need anyone’s advice. He is able and we love his look on the show. I think he looks very sweet.”