Rohit Roy is quite kicked about his latest show on TV – Peterson Hill. The actor has been shooting in Shimla for quite a while and says none of the people in the locality could identify him in his get up.

Says Rohit, “I have never been so nervous about a TV show in my life. That’s because everything about this show is special for me. I play a station master in this show. He is a lovable guy, probably someone whom you meet every day but don’t give a second look. I have a played a lover boy till now. And this one is like a comeback of sorts for me.”

Talking about his experience shooting for the show, he says, “The character I’m playing is not aggressive at all. He is quiet and laid-back. So, I used to meditate before every shot to calm myself down. I had to put on nine kilos for my character. In fact, while shooting in Shimla, people couldn’t recognise me when I was in costume. No one identified me there. It’s only when I started shooting that people were like ‘Oh, that’s Rohit.”