Peterson Hill is a beautiful railway station set in the valley of Shimla. The name derived from the very first station master, Mr. Peterson who lived and died during the British era . Today its station master is Kishore Chadha whose family has lived here from generations and the station and its people are more like home and his extended family. The beauty of Peterson Hill is that every traveller/tourist who arrives here is inspired by the peaceful and the happy life of the people who live here. The story revolves around Kishore Chadda and his family and his beautiful sis in law Shatabdi who has just returned home after completing her studies, and her hope of finding love back at home. Although unknown to her there are quite a few contenders who are vying to win Shatbdi’s heart. It also revolves around the various colourful characters that live in and around the station as well those travellers whose own stories sometimes get entangled with those living in Peterson Hill. Every story is a story of hope and inspiration through Kishore Chadha’s point of view that helps over come any situation that may arise in Peterson Hill. In the end the thought that “Sometimes when you miss the train, you find your destination” rings loud and “HOPE” prevails. As long as there is Hope, the journey called life is still worth travelling.


Kishore Chadda, a man with a golden heart is a fun loving, easy going person. A complete family man who believes in the simplicities of life. Down to earth by nature, Kishore believes in doing good deeds in favor of humanism and mankind. Coming from a very humble middle class background, he was taught from early childhood the importance of values and culture. Kishore is habitual of writing his personal inspiration into his favourite personal diary. Though he suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), it is his this habit that makes him a rather an interesting person. KISHORE BELIEV

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