Rohit Roy: “I’ve participated in the Marathon every year since its inception. Unfortunately this would be the first year when I’ll have to give it the skip because of prior commitments. Definitely my loss.

For me the Mumbai Marathon embodies the very spirit of Mumbai. The zest energy and the amalgamation of people from all walks for the run is simply unbelievable!

It’s almost like the whole city is running for the same reason in spite of representaing different charitable causes. I’m going to miss the Marathon this year. But I promise I’ll be back next year.Till then, happy running Mumbai!

Rohit Roy told us an interesting event that resulted in the making of the film Alibaug directed by Sanjay Gupta.
He says, “I was hosting a dinner for my friends at my house, and I noticed that Sanjay was unusually quiet that evening. He was watching everyone and observing them. Next day, he called me and narrated an idea for a movie and told me that he wants all the people present at the dinner to act in it. Thankfully, all those present were actors, and we could actually cast them.” Well, having friends in the right places always helps, doesn’t it?

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Hey Guys,
After your overwhelming response to me as an actor in Shootout at Lokhandwala and as a HOST in Jhalak Dikhla Ja, I am hoping for your continued support for my next venture DUS KAHANIYAN in which I make my directorial debut.. I have directed one of the shorts in it called RICE PLATE where I got to direct two of the greatest acting talents of this country, NASEERUDDIN SHAH and SHABANA AZMI. Please do watch it.. Thanks for your continued appreciation..
Rohit Roy

PS: Thanks also for voting for Ronit in Jhalak.. he’s right on the top now.. keep sending your sms and make him WIN!!!

Hey Guys,
Thanks so much for your overwhelming response to me in Jhalak Dikhla Ja.
I am humbled and enthused at the same time.. This love and appreciation is what spurs me on to do better work.. I must admit that this appreciation was unexpected as jhalak is more about the dancers.. So thank you very much.. And I hope all my fans who were complaining that they were missing me on tv, I hope u all are happy now.
And to all my fans, there’s a special request.. My brother Ronit is quite shy in asking for votes so please go and vote for him.. NOW!

Thanks and God bless..
Rohit Roy

In response to a story regarding Dia Mirza and me doing the rounds of the tabloids, let me assure all my well wishers and fans that there is no truth in these stories whatsoever.. it was a case of misunderstanding which spiraled into a national debate in the tabloids who are always on the lookout for gossip… I have never in my life outraged the modesty of a lady and never will.. and i challenge anyone to say otherwise.. So please be rest assured that all this is nothing but idle gossip generated from some over ripe minds.. I have cleared my stand in the papers and i thought i should set your minds at rest as well.. Thank you for all the support you have extended to me and my family…
god bless

Rohit Roy: I went to St Xavier’s Loyal Hall, which is a Spanish missionary high school. My favourite teacher was, and remains, Father Morondo, one of the original teachers from Spain. He taught us Biology and was one of the most chilled-out guys. His exam questions were never the usual terse and boring stuff. He always made the examinations participative and took us into confidence about the questions. A sample of his live exam session: “Rohit, stop looking at Janeesha and tell me what photosynthesis means.” We used to wait for his exams because we all wanted to know if we featured in the question papers. I’m still in touch with Father Morondo and visit him when I can.

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